Very alluring. Presence of citrus notes and aromas
of white flowers.


Very fruity and refreshing acidity.


2020 has been a very warm and dry year. Grape sugar ripeness occurred earlier than
phenolic ripening; vinification processes were therefore gentler, and post-fermentation
macerations shorter. Wines from this harvest have a strong, intense colour, and pronounced fruit aromas overlaying notes of spice.


Hand-harvested in mid-February. Clusters manually selected once in the winery. Pressed
in pneumatic press, up to 600 mb. Static cold decantating for 48 hours. Fermented for 12
days at 14°C (57°F) in concrete tanks with selected yeast. Filtered by cross-flow and with
0.65-micron cartridges.
The wine was not in contact with wood during the winemaking process.


Yellow with green hues.

Food Pairing

Seafood, especially fish (cooked or raw).
Poultry. Green vegeatbles. Herbs, including hot and
spicy ones. Starch, especially dished that include