Argentina is home to more than 850 wineries located mostly on the western side of the country by the Andes Mountains. Get to know Argentina's incredible wine bodegas.

    Argentina's oldest operating wineries date back to the early 1800s, the biggest growth in Argentina's wine scene began in the 1990s. Around this time, Malbec wines started to get exported around the world, and wineries invested further into fine winemaking in Argentina.

    While Mendoza is still home to the largest number of Argentina wineries, you'll find incredible wine bodegas in 4 major zones:

    • Cuyo – The majority of wineries in Argentina are in Mendoza and San Juan. It's here where Argentina became known for its fine wine production.

    • The North – The zone containing Salta and Catamarca which is where you'll find Argentina's highest elevation wineries.

    • Patagonia – Located in the much cooler Patagonian region where wineries have already made a name for themselves with Pinot Noir.

    • Atlantic – An up-and-coming coastal region that grows cooler climate wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Albariño.


    490,000 Vineyard Acres (2020 INV)

    Selected Argentina Wineries

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    Great wines begin in the vineyard. Our vision is to make rich and unforgettable wines that are true to the special place they come from. The story of Catena is the story of Argentine wine. Founded in 1902, Argentina’s Bodega Catena Zapata is known for its pioneering role in resurrecting Malbec and in discovering extreme high altitude terroirs in the Andean foothills of Mendoza. The family’s Adrianna Vineyard at almost 5,000 feet elevation has been called the Grand Cru of South America.

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    Cabernet Franc

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