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A brief history

In 1959, Rufino Pablo Baggio founded the company in the city of Gualeguaychú - Province of Entre Ríos. In its early stage, wine making and marketing was the main activity, with the addition of juice concentrate making at a later stage. The development of the different markets in the country demanded a permanent growth, which led to the settlement of the first production plant at Industrial Estate Park in Gualeguaychú in 1983. Nowadays, we have fruit juice prodution plants in Entre Rios and Mendoza provinces, as well as our Olive Oil producing plant in Mendoza.

The Wineries: The Company has 3 wineries located in the Province of Mendoza, where the diferent kind of wines are produced: 100% Varietal wines, blends, and table wines.
Wine storage capacity: 90 million liters.
Production: bottles + tetra pak / capacity: 15 million liters per month.
Domestic share market: over 22 %.

Currently our products are exported to more than 40 countries all over the world.
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Established in 1959

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