Pronounced aromatic intensity, with notes of
fresh strawberry and cherry.


Soft with marked fruity notes, and refreshing,
well-balanced acidity. Long persistent finish.


The summer was mostly warm, but with great thermal amplitude (very hot days followed
by very cold days). Yields were relatively normal. The dry harvest season produced grapes in perfect health. With medium to high alcohol levels, and acidity slightly above average,
2019 wines tend to be fresh and elegant.


Hand-harvested, in 20-kilo trays.Brief maceration, so as to extract aromas, not colour.
Then a sangría was made, separating the juice from the solid elements. Then it was left to
settle for 48 hours before being racked and separated from sediments. Fermentation
lasted for three weeks approximately, at 12°-14°C (53°-57°F). The wine remained turbid
for another four months to impart depth and character to the final product by regularly
stirring up the lees in the wine. Filtered using a sterile cartridge membrane. The wine was
not in contact with wood during the winemaking process.


Soft color, with salmon-pink tones and
exceptional brilliance.

Food Pairing

Poultry. All types of dairy, especially
soft cheese like brie and mascarpone, and creams.
Root vegetables (carrot, pumpkin, turnip).