Exhibits a great array of fuity notes, among
which fresh red berries stand out, intertwined with
aromas of eucalyptus and menthol.


A genuine expression of the typical flavors of
a Cabernet Sauvignon is perceived, combined with unusual and extraordinary softness.


A hot, dry year, with large temperature differences between day and night (15o–20oC /
27o–36oF) delivered perfect ripening. After a few reduced years, yields returned to normal. With higher alcohol levels (that lend a pleasant sensation of sweetness) and rounded tannins, the 2018 wines stand out for their fruitier, riper profiles.


The grapes were hand-harvested and transported in 300-kilo. Berries were manually
selected once in the winery. The juice fermented in small tanks, which allows to carry out
the fermentation process in optimal conditions, preserving the characteristics and
qualities that the vineyard lends the grapes.
Alcoholic fermentation and later maceration lasted around 20 days. Fourty percent of the
wine was aged for six months in French oak barrels and the rest remained unoaked in
order to highlight the fruit flavors and aromas, and to maintain its soft and silky tannins.
The wine was slightly filtered using cartridges.


Deep, ruby-red color.

Food Pairing

grilled meat, roasted vegetables, and seasoned cheeses with yellow crust.