attractive notes of strawberries and
floral aromas such as violets.


captivating sweet mothfeel and a
refreshing finish, with dark chocolate notes at
the end.


The summer was mostly warm, but with great thermal amplitude (very hot
days followed by very cold days). Yields were relatively normal. The dry harvest season produced grapes in perfect health. With medium to high alcohol levels, and acidity slightly above average, 2019 wines tend to be fresh and


Manual harvest during the month of March. Manual selection of grapes upon
arrival at the winery. Pre-fermentation maceration for 4 days at 10oC (50oF).
Fermentation lasted 7 days at 27oC (80oF) in concrete tanks using selected and native yeasts. Post-fermentation maceration lasted 20 days. Malolactic fermentation occurred naturally in the concrete tanks. Ageing in concrete tanks for 10 months, then 4 months in bottle before being released.


intense red colour with purple

Food Pairing

grilled meat, stews and tapas.