green apple, pear and tropical fruit notes.


Soft, strong fruit character, and balanced


So far, 2020 has been a very warm and dry year. Grape sugar ripeness occurred earlier
than phenolic ripening; vinification processes were therefore gentler, and post-fermentation macerations shorter. Wines from this harvest have a strong, intense colour, and pronounced fruit aromas overlaying notes of spice.


Hand-harvested during February. Grapes manually selected once in the winery.
Fermented for 20 days at 15°C (60°F) in concrete tanks with selected yeast. Filtered using
earth and sterilising cartridges. Bottle ageing for a month before being launched. The wine was not in contact with wood during the winemaking process.


Golden yellow with green hues.

Food Pairing

Fish (raw or cooked). Poultry. Green
vegetables. Beans and peas. Herbs, including hot
and spicy ones. Nuts and seeds.