Expressive and balanced aromas, with pleasant white fruit and honey notes


Straight-forward and lively on the palate, with persistent bubbles. A voluptuous, refreshing and graceful wine, with a harmonic finish reminiscent of dried fruits.


Harvest, bunch selection and destemmingprocesses. Grapes are cooled and placedin pneumatic presses. The grape juiceobtained is poured and, once cleaned, itis fermented in stainless steel barrels ata controlled temperature of 16°C usingselected yeasts. After the fermentationprocess, the final blend is carried outon the base wines, with equal parts ofChardonnay and Semillon. The secondfermentation of this base wine takes placein the tanks, where it is kept in contactwith yeasts for 30 days. Once the “prisede mousse” is complete, sugar is addedusing a high-concentrated syrup, knownas expedition liqueur, which defines theExtra Brut sparkling category. Finally, it iscorked and the muselet is placed.


Golden sparkling wine with greenish hints.

Food Pairing

It amalgamates very well with sushi rolls,salmon sashimi, prawn appetizers andgrilled white meats.