Subtle and balanced aromas and white and dried fruit notes


It is refreshing in the mouth, wide and vibrant in the palate, with fine and persistent bubbles. With a character of its own, great structure and its gentle and tense finish, this is a special sparkling wine, conceived to celebrate unique moments.


To make the base wine, grapes are manually harvested. Once in the wine cellar, these are selected and pressed in their whole cluster. The grape juice obtained is taken to decanting tanks for sedimentation cleaning purposes for 24 hours. The two varieties are fermented separately in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of around 12-14°C. The wines produced do not undergo malolactic fermentation to preserve the freshness of the malic acid. Afterwards, the blend is made and the second fermentation takes place. The skimming off process is conducted following the Champenoise method, which involves filling the bottles with the base wine and adding the selected yeasts and sugar. This second fermentation is carried out at a temperature of 18°C and, once this process is concluded, the sparkling wine is kept in its own lees for 18 months in order to provide creaminess and aromatic complexity. Finally, sediments are removed in bottle holders, wines are disgorged and the expedition liqueur, which defines the Brut Nature sparkling wine category, is added.


Pale and bright yellow sparkling wine

Food Pairing

Ideal to enjoy free-range chicken with herbs or a prawn and spinach risotto.