Ripe plum flavors, silkiness and good volume on the palate. Black berry fruit and spicy notes of black pepper and clove. The result is a complex wine of intense flavors that linger on a long, velvety finish.

Growing Conditions

Angelica Vineyard: aluvial origin. Loamy clay in the topsoil with rounded rocks on the bottom. La Piramide Vineyard: aluvial origin. Clay topsoil with rounded rocks on the bottom


Many in Mendoza have started calling 2015 "el año Bordelés", or "the Bordelais year" because of the cool summer, early autumn rains and generally low alcohols and high acidities in the main red varieties. The best Malbecs of 2015 have a refinement and elegance that only occur in very cool years. What was key in the 2014-2015 season was parcelization and low-yields farming. The Malbec in parcels with stony and limestone soils were undisputed super-stars. Because of the warm winter, the harvest was between 10 and 15 days earlier than usual.


DV Catena Malbec-Malbec is a blend of Malbec grapes sourced from two different vineyards. The "Angélica" Vineyard and La Pirámide Vineyard.

Max. Ferm.Temp. 27-28 ºC, for 26 days. 24 days maceration


12-14 months in French oak