Growing Conditions

A Blend of two Vineyards - vineyards are divided into
lots that are harvested at different times:
Lunlunta 3,018 ft (920m) elevation: alluvial origin.
Loamy clay in the topsoil with rounded rocks on the
Eugenio Bustos 3,576 ft (1,090 m) elevation: alluvial
origin. Loam-sandy soil with thick calcareous layers
and rounded rocks on the bottom.


Dry weather (precipitations 20-60% lower than usual), small berries and slightly lower yields; cooler temperatures overall. The 2019 harvest happened about 1-3 weeks earlier than usual, and the grapes were in pristine condition with not a drop of botrytis or downy mildew.

We were concerned that there would be problems with frost, because of the dry spring, but a constant evening breeze made frosts rare this year. And outside of Agrelo, there were no significant hail storms. We expected the harvest to be larger than usual, but the combination of dry weather and cool climate resulted in yields slightly lower than the norm.


This wine goes through an extensive cold maceration
for 5 days at 48ºF (8,8ºC) to extract aromas. The juice
is then fermented for 12 days with a post-fermentation
maceration of 19-22 days. Wild Yeasts.


12 months in barrel. Barrel selection varies depending on
vineyard and vintage -First, second and third use
barrels used.