The aromas offer ripe mango fruit flavors with notes of peaches and hints of fruitcake spices.


The 2007 vintage of the Catena Chardonnay combines the unique expressions of three high altitude vineyard sites. The La Piramide vineyard offers honeyed tropical fruit flavors with a rich, unctuous mouthfeel. The Domingo vineyard lends citrus notes with a crisp finish. The Adrianna vineyard contributes pear and fig flavors with a strong minerality.The mouthfeel is full yet clean, with fresh, crisp acidity.

Growing Conditions

In general terms the 2007 growing season was characterized by warmer than usual daytime temperatures (3.6° F [1.8° C] above normal) with colder than usual nighttime lows (1.8° F [1° C] below normal). There was also more relative humidity throughout the year. On February 16, the nighttime temperatures throughout Mendoza plummeted to levels of 35 - 37° F (2 - 3° C). This caused a hormonal shock in the plant, signaling the onset of its autumnal cycle and significantly quickening the ripening process.

This phenomenon, coupled with increased temperatures throughout the year, meant that the harvest was earlier than usual by between 14, and even up to 30, days, depending on the area. The growing season also presented a higher than normal amount of both general precipitation and violent hail storms. Due to rain which began on March 24th, those grapes which had already been harvested and sent to Bodega Catena Zapata for vinification, showed excellent levels of quality and concentration. All white wine varietals, as well as low yielding lots, had already been harvested by March 24.

Several lots in Bodega Catena Zapata's highest altitude vineyards were left to continue the ripening process and recover from the precipitation.

The very cool temperatures in these vineyards, coupled with previously implemented water stress and leaf-pulling, allowed these lots to achieve excellent maturity, with very good overall sanitary conditions and harvest taking place very late in the year.


Total Acidity: 6 grams/liter


The wine shows an intense greenish color with light yellow notes.