The nose presents intense aroma of cassis, red currants with a touch of eucalyptus and tea leaves.


The mouthfeel is full yet soft, with concentrated fruit flavors; notes of cedar and tobacco and a long lingering finish. It will improve for the next 5-10 years.

Growing Conditions

The winter of 1999 was very cold in Mendoza with variable humidity levels. Spring arrived with temperatures slightly below normal and some isolated precipitation. These conditions had a slight affect on the set of some varietals in some areas. In Catena's Angélica Vineyard this resulted in more isolated clusters of smaller berries in the Malbec varietals, a phenomenon which helped to increase the overall quality and concentration of this fruit in the 2000 harvest.

The beginning of summer, towards the end of January 2000, was characterized by lower than normal temperatures and some isolated thunderstorms. These factors helped to slow down the maturation process, indicating a slightly later than usual harvest.

The rest of summer in general offered dry and sunny conditions, allowing for a gradual and complete ripening. There were some isolated thunderstorms in the beginning of March. The modern canopy management techniques used in the Catena vineyards, which include leaf thinning and cropping, allow for excellent aeration, ensuring that the clusters remain dry and healthy. These conditions slightly delayed the harvest, offering the opportunity for the fruit to achieve a more complete and thorough maturation.

Autumn arrived with moderate temperatures and dry conditions, allowing the grapes to naturally complete the maturation process and achieve their optimum ripeness.

The Catena vineyards were closely monitored through regular grape tasting and the decision to harvest was made in order to ensure complete maturation: ripe, sweet tannins and the full development of the components of aroma and color. In general, the 2000 harvest resulted in the cultivation of fruit with extraordinary concentration and balance. The grapes ripened slowly and gradually. Excellent weather conditions during harvest allowed the grapes to ripen completely, achieving their optimum maturation level. The Wines of Nicolás Catena is proud to begin the new millennium with what will surely be a memorable vintage.


Total Acidity: 6 grams/liter


The Catena 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon has a dark reddish violet color.