A sparkling experiment.

Around 2009, the industrious Argentinian producer, Trapiche planted a vineyard in Chapadmalal. This tiny village sits on the Eastern coast of Argentina about 5 hours drive south of Buenos Aires. The vineyard and investment into the region represents a drastic shift in wine styles from Argentina. Why? Well, they make lean white and sparkling wines here!

The vineyards in Chapadmalal excel at white wine varieties.

The climate is much cooler (and wetter!) here. As you might imagine, growing red grapes is somewhat difficult, but white wines including Chardonnay, Albariño, and Sauvignon Blanc do well. Producers have taken a liking to sparkling wines, rosé, and everything you want to sip on a beach.

While the region is quite new, it's an exciting development in Argentina's wine scene because it's so different from the usual red.