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A brief history

Surrounded by soft hills and incredible fields that end in the South Atlantic, is our winery in Chapadmalal. Its location 6 kilometers from the sea, the particular climate of the coast and its soft hills, make these lands a unique place for the development of wines with marked oceanic influence.

The understanding of the earth as our most precious asset, ventured us into an unexpected place. Chapadmalal, unlike the mountain climate, has an intense rainfall regime, a cold and humid climate, and a lower thermal amplitude, delivering fresher and more delicate wines, of great aromatic complexity and good volume.

We invite you to discover our winery in Chapadmalal and enjoy a unique experience in an environment of vineyards, aromas and unique flavors, surrounded by the calm of the South Atlantic and the charm of our fields.

Trapiche Chapadmalal - Costa & Pampa Wines