Perfect balance of aromas of red fruits with toasted brioche achieved by its long time on lees.


Elegant complexity, lenghty aftertaste. Subtle and refreshing.

Growing Conditions

This sparkling wine captivates with its exceptional assemblage of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from high-altitude vineyards of Mendoza. Our vineyards Caicayén and Cepas del Plata, are strategically located between 1200-1450 meters above sea level with low temperatures and an average temperature amplitude of 17.5 ° C, with sandy soils with clay and silt areas. This allows the grapes to ripen more slowly resulting in a higher natural acidity, an optimal condition to perfect the aromas and flavors of our sparkling wines.


Manual harvest in 20kg bins, during February and March.


Salmon pink.

Food Pairing

Everyday food: soft cow and sheep cheeses, cold meats, italian-style pizza, white meat and seafood.
Cuisine style: Japanese, Nordic, Italian and Mediterranean.
Recipes: caramelized pears, arugula and prosciutto; fennel, white peach,
artichokes and pomegranate; sea kebabs.
Yes: seafood and white meat.
No: pickled preparations, raw garlic and onions, roquefort-type cheese, preparations with dark chocolate.