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Canopus Tempra Bottle Preview

345 / 5000 Resultados de traducción The grapes for this wine come from the vineyard of Javier Martini, a neighboring producer of El Cepillo, with whom we share an interest in the development of organic viticulture. Since 2010 we have been making a 100% whole bunch Tempranillo, a variety that for our region represents a traditional vision of San Carlos in previous decades.

Canopus Malbec de Sed Bottle Preview
CanopusMalbec de Sed

This wine is made with Malbec organic grapes from two vineyards, both in the same area (Canopus vineyard and Javier Martini). It has a 7% of Sauvignon Blanc providing freshness and character. This wine spent 10 months in concrete vats before bottling.

Canopus Pintom Rosado Subversivo Bottle Preview
CanopusPintom Rosado Subversivo

Far from a classic rosé, the Subversivo is as precise as it gets in the vineyard picking zones to pursue ele- gance and clear and diverse textures. It is Canopus earliest to harvest and vinified in three different ways. The first one as a rosé (pressing and no maceration), the second one is whole cluster, in an open oxidative container and the third one is also vinified as a rosé but with a 25% infusion from grapes coming from the Northern parcel harvested 5 days later. The wine is later blended and spends 7 months in Clayver amphora.

Canopus Pintom Bottle Preview

Pintom is marked by the cool climate and calcium carbonate covered stones, with some patches of sedimentary calcareous layers. Soil, climate and a meticulous organic - biodynamic farming outlines this elegant, vibrant and silky vintage. The first vintage of this wine was 2014.

Canopus Pintom Pet Nat Bottle Preview
CanopusPintom Pet Nat

A gluglu, fun and vibrant wine made with Pinot Noir. Spritzy and with a subtle texture in the mouth, the Pintom Petnat has a lively acidity and a variety of flavors and aromas that com- bine grapefruit, citrus and elderflower.. Elaborated with ances- tral method, involving a fermentation halt and bottling before the arrival of the spring .

Canopus Pintom Sur Bottle Preview
CanopusPintom Sur

The wine comes from a 0.3 hectare plot of Pinot Noir marked by the cold climate and its soils with caliche and sand. These conditions have always been key to the production of a grape with great character.

Canopus Y la Nave Va Bottle Preview
CanopusY la Nave Va

It is a Malbec that expresses the conditions of a cold climate and calcareous soils, which gives to our wine a clear and solid character. The mouthfeel ranges from layers of graphite to herbal notes and fresh black fruit. The first vintage of this wine was 2014.

Canopus La Gran Nave Bottle Preview
CanopusLa Gran Nave

A vibrant, terroir-transparent wine from two specific parcels, following several years of exploring its nuances. Malbec-based, this wine is fresh and delicate with a set of texture layers. We destemme in the vineyard by hand in small vats with a low percentage of whole cluster.