A red of great substance and power, with expressive aromas reminiscent of white pepper, spices and certain very attractive wild notes.


On the palate it is powerful and dense, with great structure and balanced acidity, which gives it very good freshness. Sweet tannins with a great texture and a long and deep finish.

Growing Conditions

The high-altitude Tannat is like a cactus flower: beautiful and nice, blooming once every many years. The grapes used to make them are collected from the upper part of the vineyard, in a terroir affected by its high drainage and sunlight levels.

- Huacalera, Jujuy, 2625 masl


Manual harvest, selection of clusters and grapes. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks with native yeasts. Once the alcoholic fermentation is finished, the wine is transferred to oak barrels where it undergoes malolactic fermentation and is aged for 12 months. The wines are not filtered but have natural decantation.


12 months in oak barrels, followed by 12 months in cellar in bottle.


A deeply colored red.