Aromas of ripe red fruit and typical spices from the Quebrada de Humahuaca, with faint toasted notes resulting from its aging in oak barrels.


Its entry into the mouth is powerful and opulent, filling the middle of the mouth with fruit and showing a deep and long expression, with great volume on the palate. Firm tannins, good texture and muscle. Long and deep finish.

Growing Conditions

Huacalera, Jujuy, 2625 masl




The first wine made by the winery is our red blend, whose name alludes to the Highlands and the Humahuaca Ravine’s inhabitants: strong and noble, with a strong personality.

Runa is a Syrah – Malbec blend which may have a slight touch of Tannat or Cabernet Franc after some harvests since, although the same style is preserved year after year, it is not possible to achieve exactly the same wine in all vintages.

This is Viñas del Perchel’s most rustic wine, with little intervention and winemaking work at the wine cellar. Fermented and macerated for 45 days and produced through minimalist winemaking techniques. The words that best describe them are: character, wildness, strength, roughness, personality and identity.

Manual harvest and careful selection of bunches of grapes. Both varieties are fermented and macerated in stainless steel tanks with indigenous yeasts. After that, they are individually aged in barrels to, after 12/14 months, be assembled in the Runa. We do not filter our wines, but rather they are decanted naturally and then bottled with all the necessary care.


Each variety is aged between 12 and 14 months in oak barrels. Followed by 12 months in cellar.


It is a red wine with an intense dark red color.