PELLERITI PRIOREVerified Organization

A brief history

Marcelo Pelleriti and Miguel Priore are at the forefront of the wine world, infusing the industry with their distinctive expertise and a unified vision for the future. In 2009, they forged a partnership harmonizing enology with business acumen with their first venture, “Marcelo Pelleriti” wines, producing their first three barrels (900 bottles) of high-end wines.

With its inception in 2023, PELLERITI PRIORE wine reflects a distinct style - a signature blend of quality and character that stands the test of time. Looking ahead, they embrace an ambitious objective: to craft the Grand Cru of the New World with a devout respect for its unique terroir and biodiversity.

Together, they have cultivated a community that reflects their shared entrepreneurial spirit by nurturing a collective rich in expertise, steadfastness, camaraderie and integrity. Marcelo and Miguel's new venture aims to inscribe Argentina's rich viticultural narrative into the broader context of global wine history

Meet The Team

  • Marcelo Pelleriti

    Marcelo Pelleriti, at 54 years old, masterfully combines the art of oenology with the understanding of entrepreneurship in the wine industry. Born and raised in Mendoza, Argentina, Marcelo Pelleriti is a world-renowned viticulturist, seamlessly weaving the old-world charm of French winemaking with the bold new-world flavors of Argentine viticulture.

    Recognized for his masterful creation of high-quality wines, especially Malbec, his recognition reached new heights as he was the first Argentine winemaker to earn the prestigious 100-point score from renowned critic Robert Parker in 2010 for his exquisite French wine creation, Château La Violette in Pomerol.

    "I remember each vintage in both hemispheres, walking through the great castles with Michel, like Ausone, my favorite wine, or Figeac, or tasting each vintage of Pétrus... understanding what the texture and aging of cult wines means. That experience does not exist in any book; it led me to cultivate a privileged palate."

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  • Miguel Priore

    Miguel Priore, originally from Mendoza, Argentina, who now divides his time between Miami and Mendoza, is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience in wine, business and entrepreneurship. Miguel is a testimony of resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. Priore emerged from Argentina's economic turmoil with a business vision that transcended borders.

    Priore has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, several MBAs, a specialization in Wine Marketing, and multiple Advanced Wine certifications. His academic achievements complement his practical experience and contribute to his strategic focus on the wine industry.

    As a dedicated ambassador of Argentine wine, Miguel's commitment extends beyond business operations, as he conducts extensive research to better understand the potential of Mendoza's diverse terroirs and the rich spectrum of exceptional wines they can produce. His travels led him to study the success factors of iconic producers in emblematic locations of the Old and New World.

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