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Real winemakers get their hands dirty. Hands black with wine. That’s what Manos Negras is all about. Rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. That’s how we make these hand crafted wines. Manos Negras is born from the friendship of an American Wine Educator, an Argentine viticulturalist and two Kiwi winemakers, all with extensive international experience and a no nonsense, hardnosed work ethic. Jeff Mausbach has spent the last 13 years as Wine Education Director for Bodega Catena Zapata. He has travelled the world preaching the gospel of the unique character of Argentine wines. Alejandro Sejanovich was Vineyard director for Bodega Caetna Zapata for 15 years. He pioneered high altitude vineyard planting and conducted ground breaking research on Mendoza Malbec clones. Jason Mabbett was a professor of winemaking at Auckland University, he then made wine for Rosemount in Australia, Jess Jackson in California, and Gascon in Argentina. Duncan Killiner has made wine from Israel to Uruguay, from Italy to Chile. He is currently winemaking consultant for Indomita of Chile and Viu Manent & Viniterra in Argentina.
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