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Real winemakers get their hands dirty. Hands black with wine. That’s what Manos Negras is all about. Rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. That’s how we make these hand crafted wines. Manos Negras is born from the friendship of an American Wine Educator, an Argentine viticulturalist and two Kiwi winemakers, all with extensive international experience and a no nonsense, hardnosed work ethic. Jeff Mausbach has spent the last 13 years as Wine Education Director for Bodega Catena Zapata. He has travelled the world preaching the gospel of the unique character of Argentine wines. Alejandro Sejanovich was Vineyard director for Bodega Caetna Zapata for 15 years. He pioneered high altitude vineyard planting and conducted ground breaking research on Mendoza Malbec clones. Jason Mabbett was a professor of winemaking at Auckland University, he then made wine for Rosemount in Australia, Jess Jackson in California, and Gascon in Argentina. Duncan Killiner has made wine from Israel to Uruguay, from Italy to Chile. He is currently winemaking consultant for Indomita of Chile and Viu Manent & Viniterra in Argentina.
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Manos Negras Torrontés Bottle Preview
Manos NegrasTorrontés

Manos Negras Torrontes is sourced from Cafayate district of Salta, the northernmost winemaking province of Argentina. Located just south of the town of Cafayate, at 5,700’ elevation, high on the eastern slope of the Valle de Calchaquies. Due to its location high on the eastern slopes, the soil profile of this vineyard is unique in Salta – a very shallow, vey rocky soil with abundant splintered shale on the surface. The little soil that is present is full of crushed mica. This soil profile lends a distinct salty minerality to the Torrontes fruit. The grapes are harvested early in order to showcase their distinct jasmine floral aromas and citrus fruit profile. Natural acidity lends a bright, clean finish

Manos Negras Stone Soil Malbec Bottle Preview
Manos NegrasStone Soil Malbec

Sourced from the Altamira district of the San Carlos county, located in the southern Uco Valley at an elevation of 4,000’. Altamira hasMendoza’s most unique soil profile, with a patchwork of sandy, silty and stony soils all present in the same vineyard. The stony soils contain a high content of surface stones – round rocks that are literally painted white with calcium carbonate. These patches of stony soil are very low in organic material and very high in mineral content. Their poor profile naturally brings down yields for exceptional concentration of aromas and flavors. Their rocky character imparts a stony texture to theMalbec wines.Manos Negras Stone Soil is made entirely from selectedMalbec grapes from these patches of stone soils

Manos Negras Red soil pinot noir Bottle Preview
Manos NegrasRed soil pinot noir

Sourced from Valle Azul, Río Negro province, located in the far southerly reaches of Patagonia elevation of 1,200’. Valle Azul has Patagonia’s most unique soil profile, with bright red, iron rich clay soils prevalent throughout the vineyard. The vineyard is located n a river bankthat slopes down to the Neuquen river, with different soil textures up and down the embankment. There are patches of brighter red soils in the vineyard which are very low in organic material and very high in iron mineral content. Their poor profile naturally brings down yields for exceptional concentration of aromas and flavors. These red patches impart exceptional complexity to the Pinot Noir fruit.Manos Negras Red Soil Pinot Noir is made entirely from select Pinot Noir grapes from these patches of bright red soils

Manos Negras Pinot Noir Bottle Preview
Manos NegrasPinot Noir

It is rather ironic that that the finicky Pinot Noir chose the rugged hinterlands of Patagonia’s far southerly vineyards to show its unique South American expression. This wine was sourced from the heart of Pinot country – Río Negro, in the far reaches of Neuquen. These wind swept vineyards with their cool southerly temperatures produce a wine of deep red color, with floral aromas, ripe red fruit flavours and a soft, supple texture

Manos Negras Malbec Bottle Preview
Manos NegrasMalbec

Malbec is the undisputed signature grape from Argentina. The high altitude desert oasis of Mendoza has provided the ideal conditions for this once minor French blending grape to unfurl its strengths as nowhere else in the world. The bright sunny days give a deep blackish color and darkfruit flavours while the cool mountain nights produce violet aromas and a soft, supple texture

Manos Negras Chardonnay Bottle Preview
Manos NegrasChardonnay

Manos Negras Chardonnay is sourced from the high altitude Los Árboles district of the Uco Valley, located at 4,200’ elevation. Situated in the Tunuyan county, Los Arboles is right in the middle of the Uco Valley, nestled in the Andean foothills. The El President vineyard was planted in 1998 and boasts a mountain vineyard soil profile of shallow, light sand with about 15% surface stones. The sub soil is made up of round rocks with a high content of calcium carbonate – imparting stony minerality to the fruit. The area oasts cool yet sunny days, and cold mountain nights. The Chardonnay fruit shows bright white stone fruit flavors with a touch of tropicality. The very cold nights help to retain natural acidity for a crisp, clean finish