Intense nose, with citrus and tropical notes and the memory of
fresh honey.


His mouth is elegant and complex

Growing Conditions

Origin: Chardonnay: Uco Valley / Sauvignon Blanc: Agrelo
Altitude of the vineyard: Uco Valley: 1100 m.a.s.l. / Add it 1000
Planting year: Chardonnay 2010 / Sauv Blanc 2004
Density: 3500 plants per hectare
Production: 1 plant per bottle
Driving system: Trellis
Vineyard management: Organic and sustainable cultivation. Drip irrigation
Soil type: Deep, sandy loam
Selection method: Double selection table


Harvest date: Second and third week of February 2020
Harvest method: Manual


Maceration: Chardonnay with skin for 24 hours at 7 ° C. Sauvignon
Blanc without skin.
Pressing: pressures below 750 bar
Alcoholic fermentation: With native yeasts, in
concrete deposit for 24 days at 14º - 16ºC


On lees for 5 months