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A brief history

Two friends invite us to live the #GrazieMille spirit, made of gratitude, love for life, happiness, effort and enormous illusions that come true. Resilience, good living and deconstructing life together with friends, family and those who share our philosophy are the reason for each step taken. Join us on this project, full of love, frienship and respect for our pasion... make wines.
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Established in 2018

San Martin s/n, M5567 La Consulta, Mendoza


Meet The Team

  • Fernando Spigatin

    Fernando Spigatin was born in La Consulta, Mendoza on June 23, 1964. Of Italian descent, he was raised in a family with more than 100 years of vineyard tradition. Fernando has a PhD in Biochemistry, and at the age of 32 he decided to form his first wine project "Domados", making high quality wines for more than 20 years with a presence in Argentina, Europe, USA and Asia. True to his entrepreneurial style, Fernando has started his new enotouristic project called Grazie Mille.

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