Weakly scented, aromas of berries and hints of mineral notes, typical Pinot Noir.


A wine with an appealing opening palate, gentle, balanced, with a well-integrated sparkle and a long, lively nish.


Specially selected vines for sparkling wine, handpicked grapes with a 9 ton yield per hectare. Four different types of Pinot Noir wines were selected for the coupage, (the blending), a very interesting blend produced as “blanc de noirs”.
The second fermentation takes place in the same bottle, following the traditional method, ageing on lees takes place over 16 months, then finished as a Brut Nature AZ 2,8 g/l.


Pale and clean pink colour. Fine, persistent mousse rising to a light and elegant crown.

Food Pairing

Seafood, pasta with basil sauce, “paella” and great companion for grilled beef. Also a good match with fruit pies like cranberry pie.