In the nose, Petit Verdot brings aromas
of blueberries and jasmine while Bonarda adds intense aromas of blackberries and raspberries.


It stands out for its firm tannins and good
volume in the mouth, Malbec offers attractive structure and a long finish.

Growing Conditions

The climate of this is farm characterized by its warm days and cool nights, with a thermal amplitude of 14 ° C and an average annual rainfall of 250 mm. The training system used is double cordon. At Doña Paula we have always managed our vineyards with sustainable
farming practices.


The harvest begins with Malbec at the end of March, then the Petit Verdot in the first
week of April and Bonarda in the middle of the same month. A manual harvest and
a destemming without breaking grains is carried out. Traditional elaboration of each
variety is carried out separately, we call it of minimal intervention in cement eggs.


In our Finca El Alto in Ugarteche, Luján de Cuyo, we chose the stoniest plots that have the presence of Calcium carbonate, to plant the Petit Verdot at 1030 meters above sea level. In the lowest part of the same vineyard, at about 908 meters of height we have Bonarda, it has the most clay dominate soil with gravel and pebbles. The yield per hectare is 7 to 10 tons, and the irrigation is by drip.


After the alcoholic fermentation, the blend is made to begin the short aging in the
same cement egg and immediately after malolactic fermentation has finished, the
wine is bottled to keep the fruity and floral aromas in their freshest possible state.


Petit Verdot, Bonarda and Malbec compose this wine that has an intense violet color with black tint.