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14 Wines from 14 Grape Varieties

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Crowdfarming.wineOMEGA / White Malbec

Medium to low intesity pale-copper color. Stone fruit and cherry aromas, with a delicate raspberry note. Fresh and elegant, with a medium body sensation. Very long finish with some mineral and citric notes where some pink grapefruit stands out. ARPEGGIO / Shine It Bottle Preview
Crowdfarming.wineARPEGGIO / Shine It

Provence style rose, with a soft salmon like color. Notes of mint and cherry, feeling round, with an integrated acidity. Harmonic and long finish with touch of red fruits in the aftertaste. OMEGA / Orgánico Bottle Preview
Crowdfarming.wineOMEGA / Orgánico

Elegance, harmonic and perfect balance characterizes this unique wine. Aromas of strawberry marmalade, spices and a touch of a combination of vanilla and tobacco, both coming from delicately integrated oak. The mouthfeel is elegant where you can experience a perfectly achieved fruit-acidity balance, harmonically combined with expressive yet friendly tannins. The aftertaste is long and echoes the spice and toastiness of the french oak. 432Hz / Better Bottle Preview
Crowdfarming.wine432Hz / Better

Very delicate and bright medium to low intesity salmon-like color. In the nose, super elegant notes of pink grapefruit, stone fruit and a touch of orange blossom. The mouthfeel is fresh and harmonic, with a long aftertaste of citric notes and vibrant sensations. ROSH DESAND Bottle Preview
Crowdfarming.wineROSH DESAND

Profound and intense color. Black Fruit notes, spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and a touch of licorice, black tea and dark chocolate. It shows a prominent entrance in the mouth, great texture evolving towards softness and length with a powerful structure and expressive tannins. CONFISCADO / Malbec Bottle Preview
Crowdfarming.wineCONFISCADO / Malbec

Medium to high color intensity, dark fruits like cherries and blackberries aromas, with a touch of spices and caramel. Good structure in the mouthfeel, with a rounded and fresh finish, and a long aftertaste that reminds us of liquor candied cherries. CONFISCADO / Malbec Organico Bottle Preview
Crowdfarming.wineCONFISCADO / Malbec Organico

Intense color with violet hues. Aromas of ripe black fruits. In the mouth it feels structured, broad and long with a fruity aftertaste, and a touch of mineral and rosehip. 432Hz / Stronger Bottle Preview
Crowdfarming.wine432Hz / Stronger

Elegant and sophisticated wine. Medium color intensity, with a medium body structure. Elegant and delicate, it shows a deep and complex aromatic profile where blueberries, rosehips, cherries, pepper, licorice, spices and savory accents. CAPARBIO / Sangiovese Bottle Preview
Crowdfarming.wineCAPARBIO / Sangiovese

An elegant example of warm climate Sangiovese. Medium intensity color, with notes of spices, sweet tobacco and prunes. The mouthfeel is soft and delicate, with licorice, dark chocolate and black cherry. Long and expressive aftertaste. ARPEGGIO / Veridis Quo Bottle Preview
Crowdfarming.wineARPEGGIO / Veridis Quo

Intense ruby red color, with red fruits aromas, feeling round with firm tannins at the same time. The aftertaste is long and marked with spices, licorice minerals and a touch of mature fruits and marmalade. 432Hz / Faster Bottle Preview
Crowdfarming.wine432Hz / Faster

Pale straw color, with soft golden hues. Aromas of papaya, mango, and stone fruit. It has a medium body structure, soft and long, with a tropical aftertaste and a long and refreshing finish. ARPEGGIO / Nuvole Bianche Bottle Preview
Crowdfarming.wineARPEGGIO / Nuvole Bianche

Pale yellow color, with some green hues. Citric notes, white flowers, lemon zest and some pineapple aromas in the nose. The mouthfeel is fresh, vibrant, and medium body structure. The afterstaste reminds us of orange blossom and cotton candy. TEMPRANELLO / Tempranillo & Brunello Bottle Preview
Crowdfarming.wineTEMPRANELLO / Tempranillo & Brunello

Intense color with Bourdeaux hints. Aromas of fresh plums, rosehip and cocoa, in the mouth it reveals firm and neat tannins, with a persistent flavor and a finish that resembles dark cherry liqueur. OMEGA / Gran Corte de Tintas Bottle Preview
Crowdfarming.wineOMEGA / Gran Corte de Tintas

OMEGA "Gran Corte de Tintas" is a blend of Malbec, Petite Sirah, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. This is a profound ruby-purple colored wine. Very powerful, bold and intense with a super complex aromatic profile. You will find black currant, dried black fruit, white pepper, rosehip, new leather and delicate vanilla. Velvety mouthfeel with round tannins and a very long and pleasant smokey and sweet aftertaste.