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A brief history

MANY PEOPLE RAISED in the Argentinian city of Mendoza seem to have a connection to the wine industry, so essential is the grape to the local economy. Francisco Evangelista grew up among the vines thanks to a father who ran vineyards. Perhaps inevitably, Francisco gained a deep love and rich understanding of wine culture – “the different types of grapes, the vineyards, the headaches” – which he has since poured into his own business, Crowdfarming Wine. This is a unique enterprise that makes, markets and manages wine and vineyards for select clients, allowing vintners to maximize the potential of their business by using tried and trusted methods to overcome the frustrating commercial challenges of winemaking.
“We have one big challenge at Crowdfarming Wine,” says Francisco, “and that is the need to be authentic for every client. We need to make sure we devote our full time and attention to understanding their story and their desire. It has to be a 100 per cent customized experience for each client. We are all about experience and the feeling that comes from the creation of something amazing and authentic – in this case wine. Of course, ultimately we sell the wine, but our real hook is that we give wine lovers the tools that allow them to make wine. This is what gives us our purpose.”
Unique, disruptive and innovative, Crowdfarming Wine offers a complete portfolio of services to clients, covering all of the many dimensions of the complex wine business. The company has experts that can help with strategic planning and brand identity development, grape sourcing, vineyard managing, winemaking, export, sales and distribution as well as offering administrative, financial and legal support and advice. It provides tailored investment solutions for clients looking to develop new projects, with a large real-estate portfolio that includes acquisition opportunities within the most prestigious wine regions in Argentina. Crowdfarming Wine can produce wine in a variety of styles – red, white, rosé and sparkling, with different minimum and maximum quantities for each. Each client is assigned an expert from Francisco’s team to support their journey, while Crowdfarming’s extensive contacts in the wine industry are utilised for the benefit of clients, as the company works with their long-established network to ensure any wine brand will attain its maximum potential. Logo

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