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A brief history

The story of Coen Estates starts in the Mendoza province in Argentina, in a pristine environment 3,000 feet above sea level, an area with the perfect climate for cultivating grapes used for wine production – cold winters and hot summers (an average temperature of 80 degrees F in summer), watered by plenty of rain and fed by a 1300 feet underground water supply that originates in the nearby snow-covered Andes Mountains. It is a clean, secluded area that has no developed industry to cause environmental contamination – the ideal location for producing world-class grapes.

There are two beautiful certified organic vineyards located in an area of the province called Tupungato named Finca Poloc (around 30 years old) and Finca la Victoria (around 10 years old), each around 20 hectares in size. Coen Vineyards is managed by 40+ years experienced vineyard owner Fernando Vera and his family, who have owned the property for generations.

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