Growing Conditions

Late January 2021 registered high percentage of cloudiness, cooler temperatures and scattered showers which caused fears of a difficult harvest at first. Although rainfall was not large in volume, the extra humidity caused by clouds and lack of sunshine led to a harvest where the follow-up of each vineyard to ensure the right sanitary conditions were kept was critical. White grapes were picked one week earlier than average, leading to a very crisp acidity and a zesty tropical fruit aromatic.


50% picked by February 5th and 50% picked by February 24th.

All grapes were harvested manually and selected at the vineyard, transported in small 20kg cases to the winery and immediately crushed and pressed.


June 2021


First half of the harvest is picked with high acidity and low sugar content and fermented as a white wine at 14C. Second half of the vineyard is picked with high phenolic maturation and sugar, fermented 12hours with skins, pressed and finished fermentation as a white wine at 14C. Blending is done once alcoholic fermentation finishes towards malolactic fermentation of 50%.