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A brief history

Teho es un pequeño proyecto vitivinícola ubicado en Mendoza, Argentina, en donde elaboramos los vinos Zaha y Teho. Allí, Alejandro Sejanovich y Jeff Mausbach, buscan producir vinos de partidas limitadas que reflejen las características únicas de las dos pequeñas fincas que poseen y de algunos terruños especiales de Valle de Uco. Los vinos de Bodega Teho representan la búsqueda de la complejidad y el equilibrio, basados en el concepto de cofermentación.

Mezclando distintas variedades que fermentan juntas y distintos puntos de cosecha, se busca capturar la evolución de aromas, sabores y texturas, en microvinificaciones, que son pequeños lotes de uva que se cosechan y fermentan en conjunto, para producir los vinos más complejos e intensos posibles.

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Bodega Teho Zaha Marsanne Bottle Preview
Bodega TehoZaha Marsanne

Elaborated from a small plot in Valle de Uco specifically in the Los Chacayes area; this vineyard of calcareous soils stony with stones on the surface of ers ideal sustenance for this emblematic variety from the north of the Rhône. Without aging in barrels and with the absence of malolactic we take your cup the purity and elegance of this French variety planted and adapted to the Argentine terroir. A white with complex aromas that remember chamomile, dried fruit and green apple that it accompanies an unctuous, fresh, dry and long-lasting palate

Bodega Teho Zaha Malbec Bottle Preview
Bodega TehoZaha Malbec

Sandy soils are harvested first, and co-fermented with 7% Cabernet Franc. Malbec from these soils present intense floral aromas and bright, fresh acidity. Cabernet Franc accentuates the floral character of the Malbec and adds excellent tannic structure.

Bodega Teho Zaha Corte Bottle Preview
Bodega TehoZaha Corte

Sandy soils are usually harvested first. The Malbec fruit was co-fermented with 7% Cabernet Sauvignon. Malbec from sandy soils offers intense floral aromas and fresh acidity. The Cabernet Sauvingon from sandy soils adds herbal notes and a touch of fresh mint

Bodega Teho Zaha Chardonnay Bottle Preview
Bodega TehoZaha Chardonnay

The soils Los Arboles are strewn with Stony Limestone deep soils, complete sand and gravel. Wine is fermented in cement vats, without skin contact. No malolactic fermentation in order to keep natural acidity. Post fermentative battonage is made with the intention to obtain more volume

Bodega Teho Zaha Cabernet Franc Bottle Preview
Bodega TehoZaha Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is a varietal which loves limestone soils. In its famous home of St. Emiion, it is planted on the calcareous hilltops and makes up the dominant part of the blend in great harvests

Bodega Teho Teho Malbec Bottle Preview
Bodega TehoTeho Malbec

This 75 year old vineyard is a field blend of predominantly Malbec, but with about 15 – 20% of other varietals, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Tempranillo, and Syrah. Very low yields of only 3 to 4 clusters per plant produce less than a kilogram of fruit per vine. Three vines are needed to produce one bottle of wine. Three lots of Malbec and one of Petit Verdot: on Malbec lot co-fermented with 4% Cabernet Franc, the second loti s 100% Malbec, the third lot of malbec is co-fermented with 7% Petit Verdot and the fourth lot is Petit Verdot with 5% of Malbec