Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon were hand-picked during the first fifteen days of April, when anoptimal grape maturity was reached. They were carried to the winery in boxes to minimize
damage and kept at 10°C for 24 hours. Clusters were classified in sorting tables, destemmed
and gravity fed into small concrete tanks. Spontaneously fermented by the native yeasts of our terroir. During fermentation, regular punch-downs and pump-overs were done to facilitate
aroma, color and tannin extraction from the skin to the juice. Malbec vatting lasted 32 days and
27 days for Cabernet Sauvignon. Malolactic fermentation occurred spontaneously in tanks. Then, 225 and 600-liter barrels were filled to begin with the aging process where it remained for 12 months, then, the wine was aged in barrels for a further six months. Finally, it was bottled
and stored in the cellar before being released to the market.