Sweet aroma of vanilla and butter, and spicy hints of star anise.


In mouth, it is harmonious, buttery and full-bodied with a tannic grip.


Grapes from all the parcels were hand-picked during the first fifteen days of April, carried to the winery in boxes to prevent them from breaking, and refrigerated (10°C) for 24 hours. Grape sorting was done by hand at the sorting table, then destemmed, and the juice was gravity fed into small concrete tanks. Spontaneously fermented by the native yeasts of our terroir. During fermentation, regular punch-downs and pump-overs are done to improve aroma, color and tannin extraction from the skin to the juice. Vatting lasted 28 days. Pomace was separated from the new wine using a vertical basket press. Malolactic fermentation occurred spontaneously in tanks. Then, 225 and 600-liter barrels were filled to begin with the aging process.


100% of the wine is aged in French oak barrels for 12 months (2/3 of the barrels are new, and 1/3 are second use barrels).

Food Pairing

Seasoned red and white meat, stuffed pasta, risotto, vegetables and grilled mushrooms.