The highest altitude vineyards in the world.

Northern Argentina has made a name for itself with exceptional Torrontés white wines and unique expressions of Syrah and Malbec.

The high elevations here create intense UV rays which affect how wines taste. Altitude creates a cooler climate, but the sun delivers ripe fruit flavors and meatiness. The combination makes for wines with subtle herbal qualities and bold fruit at the same time.

Vineyard views in Salta, Argentina Vineyard views in Salta, Argentina

The Wine Areas of Northern Argentina

The easiest-to-find wines from Northern Argentina come from Salta because it's the largest wine region in this tiny winemaking zone. But if you look harder, you'll stumble across wines with more incredible origin stories.

For example, in Jujuy, there's a vineyard that sits at 10,922 feet (3329 m) above sea level – the highest altitude vineyard in the world!

Also, the remote Calchaquí Valleys which span across Salta, Catamarca, and Tucuman have a deep history. The first Argentina vineyards were planted here by missionaries in the 1500s. These valleys have been inhabited for thousands of years with ancient agricultural evidence by the Incas and their predecessors.

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Selected North Wines

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El EstecoAltimus

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Casir dos SantosAvatar Torrontés

Piattelli Vineyards - Salta Piattelli Torrontés Bottle Preview
Piattelli Vineyards - SaltaPiattelli Torrontés

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Bodega MonteviejoPetite Fleur Torrontes

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Viñas en Flor Bodega Torrontés Bottle Preview
Viñas en Flor BodegaTorrontés

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