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A brief history

Our utopian dream started with the conviction that Mendoza had an unknown potential to produce world-class fine wines. We pioneered and explored amazing higher terroirs at the foothills of the Andes unveiling a new era of elegance for Argentinean wines.

Terrazas de los Andes story began three decades ago when a French winemaker embarked on a journey that would redefine winemaking in Argentina. Armed with an antique altimeter, he and his team uncovered the Andes foothills’ best-kept secret—the power of optimum elevation to reveal Mendoza’s untapped potential to create world-class wines.

At the heart of this audacious vision, these bold pioneers believed that we had to cultivate our own grapes to go beyond in quality. Terrazas is the first winery in Argentina to have built its overall concept on terroirs exploration. We believe in the richness of diversity, that is why our unique collection of 10 cool-climate vineyards are planted in the 7 most qualitative appellations of Mendoza. This diversity requires cultivating with great precision, dividing the vineyards into small plots (micro-terroirs) based on their specific soil, and adapting all the viticulturist handiwork, the crucial irrigation practice, and the harvest date to the specificity of each one. Today our team of agronomists cultivates more than 220 plots which are harvested and vinified separately in small tanks, to reveal their full quality potential. This mosaic of diverse terroirs and singular wine components are elevated through blending expertise giving the winemakers the luxury to craft the fullest expression of each varietal. With Malbec as the core, our wines have a unique and elegant style with fruity, fresh, and balanced character.

At Terrazas, crafting fine wine is about understanding and magnifying Nature while protecting it for future generations.100% of our vineyards are certified “sustainable viticulture” and 160 hectares are under organic certification. We keep 30% of our lands wild to preserve the local biodiversity. Being water the most precious resource in Mendoza, Terrazas has developed a rare expertise in drip irrigation practices since the beginning. With 93% of our vineyards drip irrigated, we optimize the use of each drop of water and save each year the equivalent of the consumption of 15000 families. We are also extremely proud of our leadership in Social Responsibility. Terrazas de los Andes has created 7 educational programs in Mendoza and other areas, attended by more than 2000 children every year.

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Established in 1995

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Meet The Team

  • Hervé Bernie-Scott

    Hervé Birnie Scott, a french Agronomist Engineer and Enologist started his career late 80's as globetrotter of the wine world, working harvests in the US, Australia, NZ and France. In 1991 he left his comfortable job in Napa to embark on a new adventure in the remote and arid province of Mendoza with a “carte blanche” from the LVMH group to challenge the status quo to produce world class wines.

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  • Marcos Fernandez

    Marcos was born and raised in Mendoza, surrounded by wine tanks and presses, with the company of his father. Aged 18, and after completing his internship at Bodega Norton, Marcos knew he wanted to be a winemaker. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the Universidad Católica de Cuyo and started as Head of milling and pressing for Bodegas Chandon. Marcos' vast knowledge is the result of more than 22 years of experience making wines in Argentina and California, working for renowned wineries including Finca Decero and Viñas Doña Paula, and alongside mentors such as Jorge Riccitelli and Paul Hobbs. In 2020, he joined Terrazas de los Andes as Winemaking Director.

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  • Gonzalo Carrasco

    Gonzalo started working with Moet Hennessy in 2002 as a technician at Terrazas de los Andes. Then, in 2008, he was included in the technical team of Chandon Argentina as the winemaker in charge of Research and Development. There, he had the opportunity to enhance his creativity and improve his know-how. From the year 2009 until 2011, he was part of the technical team of Bodega Numanthia (Spain) supporting the group during harvest time. Today, Gonzalo Carrasco is the Head Winemaker at Terrazas de los Andes and often travels around the world communicating about Terrazas´ wines.

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