It expresses a complex fruity character with notes of black fruits, plum and black cherry, which are complemented by fresh herbal subtleties.


It has a vivacious beginning in the mouth. Juicy, with a lively acidity, elegant, of grand structure and complexity, with a prolonged finish.

Growing Conditions

Profile 1: shallow soil, with calcareous rocks in a sand layer.
Profile 2: Two layers soil, the upper sandy loam and underneath, at 40 cm – 1,31 feet depth, are rocks covered with calcium and a clay layer.
Profile 3: Deep sandy loam soil, with a clay and silt layer and big calcareous rocks at 80 cm – 2,62 feet depth.


The grapes were selected by hand, destemmed and crushed. Fermentation in tronco-conical concrete without epoxi, with indigenous yeast.


Aged in oak barrels and concrete vats.