Explosively fruity aromas and flavors of blackberry, dark cherry and plum tart are creamy and filled with rich savory and cooking spice accents.

There are herbal notes reminiscent of green tea leaves, spices and berries.


Powerfully structured, showing dark chocolate and mocha on the finish, with hints of dried mint. The palate is serious and has chalky tannins, as they select grapes from places in the Valle de Uco that have limestone soils.

Growing Conditions

- Malbec: IG Paraje Altamira, Valle de Uco, Mendoza. - Altitude 1100 masl - Soils originated in the alluvial fan of the Tunuyán river, in its upper zone. Very heterogeneous. Sandy loam surface with medium and large gravel at variable depths, with abundant coverage of calcareous material.

- Cabernet Sauvignon: Gualtallary, Valle de Uco, Mendoza - Altitude: 1230 masl - Soils originated in the alluvial fan of the Las Tunas river, and with wind contributions. Very heterogeneous. Generally sandy with little or medium depth. It has medium-sized gravels, caliche, and abundant calcium carbonate deposits.


José Zuccardi Malbec developed from Zuccardi Zeta. Its traditional style has respected the wine’s identity since the first Zeta harvest in 2002. José Zuccardi Malbec reflects José Alberto’s pursuit of overcoming and conviction.

- Cluster selection

- Fermentation with native yeasts in concrete tanks


Aging for 24 months in founders (2500 litres) and barrels (500 litres)