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A brief history

Trivento is a symbol of premium Argentine wine and the Argentine affiliate of the Viña Concha y Toro Family of Wineries.

“Trivento” means three winds. Since 1996, the winery has built up an exclusive portfolio of wines that preserve the character of the Mendoza terroir and challenge the temperament of the winds.

For over a decade, the winery has prioritised environmental and social policies. Year after year, the companyc has added to this framework, becoming a leader in the winemaking industry when it comes to dedication to the environment and the community. Trivento received certification as a B corporation increasing efforts to address four global challenges: education, climate change, soil protection and business integrity.

The continuing research and investment in technology, infrastructure and know-how position the winery among the principal exporters of bottled wine in Argentina, and have established the brand as Argentina’s top seller in Europe since 2013.

Trivento’s collection of terroirs include 10 vineyards distributed across the principal winegrowing zones of Mendoza: Valle de Uco, Luján-Maipú, Oasis Norte and Oasis Este. The 1,657 hectares were selected with the utmost care, in consideration of the wide variety of topographies and microclimates they possess.

More than 650 hectares of malbec are the beginning of successful wines in the world, such as Trivento Reserve and Trivento Golden Reserve and Eolo.
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Established in 1996

Ruta 60 y Jeronimo Ruiz


Meet The Team

  • Germán Di Cesare

    Germán is in charge of directing the style and quality of Trivento wines and serving as their ambassador.

    His career at Trivento began at a young age, and following an in-compnay trajectory of continuous growth, he was named technical director of winemaking in 2017.

    Germán is a true homegrown bon vivant, though his passions extend well beyond the mountain and vineyard. "In wine we encounter the unmistakable confluence of the Andes, tradition and the sunshine of Mendoza." He is a lover of Argentine folklore music, the guitar, horses and a good friendship.

    He strikes a noteworthy balance between precision and creativity. Seeking out quality and drawing on music for inspiration, a profile emerges portraying the kind winemaker Germán really is: an authentic creator of new sensations.

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  • Maximiliano Ortiz

    Maximiliano oversees production of the Trivento Reserve range from vineyard selection through bottling.

    His greatest challenge, since joining the winery in 2006, has been taking over production for the range of wines that's made Trivento the top-selling Argentine wine brand in Europe. This entailed finding the sweet spot between quality and competitiveness, and he did it.

    Charismatic and charming, he is always willing to share the fruits of his craft. Among his hobbies are playing football with friends, practicing kyokushin karate and fly-fishing. The diversity of his motivators is felt in his wines, leaving them with expressive personalities.

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  • Magdalena Viani

    Magdalena joined the winemaking team in 2014 and today oversees production of terroir wines at Trivento.

    Her first glimpse of winemaking came as an adolescent during summers spent with uncles who lived at a winery. It was a fascinating world that opened her eyes to the profession. She was enthralled: the smell of the winery at harvest, the care involved at each step in the process, and the pride of creating sensations in consumers.

    She deftly provides the female touch within the winemaking team, contributing an indispensable does of sensibility and subtly. She is a film lover, practices pilates, and takes to the mountains frequently to find inspiration. Magdalena believes the best way to remember and enjoy a wine lies in the moment, alongside good food and above all, in good company.

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