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TintoNegro, meaning black wine in Spanish, is meant to celebrate the essence of Malbec in Mendoza. Known for its dark, blackish color Malbec is definitely a TintoNegro. TintoNegro was born of the long time friendship and professional collaboration of Alejandro Sejanovich and Jeff Mausbach. Colleagues at Bodega Catena Zapata for almost 15 years, Alejandro was Vineyard Director and Jeff was Wine Education Director. TintoNegro wines are meant to reflect the heart and soul of Malbec in Mendoza. The portfolio explores the terroirs of Mendoza where Malbec does best, gradually isolating unique vineyard sites and winemaking techniques which can showcase the heights of concentration and complexity to which Malbec can aspire.
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Viamonte 4620 Of. B; Chacras de Coria



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