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A brief history

Puramun harvest in the language of the natives of the Uco Valley, is Pepe´s and his family´s personal tribute to Argentine wine

Every year we travel a new path, a labyrinth of vineyards that express through their precious fruits our devotion to the Uco Valley.

After 40 years making award-winning wines for the world, we invite you to discover in every bottle of Puramun the results of this passionate and endless search

Meet The Team

  • Pepe Galante

    In 1975 I finished my studies at the Don Bosco Faculty of Oenology and Fruit and Vegetable Industry, with a great influence from the dean of the faculty at the time: Father Oreglia. Who not only transmitted knowledge but also passion for wine and this profession.

    In 1976 I started working at Bodegas Esmeralda of the Catena family, at a very different moment in Argentine history, when the focus was on quantity and not on quality. Local wine consumption was so high that no one paid attention to what was being done in the rest of the world.

    With the mission of understanding if we could make quality wines, we undertook trips to the United States, Spain and France to learn techniques and a vision of change to apply in winemaking.

    At Catena Zapata winery I had the opportunity to lead a team that was essential in the wine revolution and that allowed Argentina to start competing equally with the rest of the world.

    In 2010 I felt the need to look for new challenges, and especially driven by my wife Betty, and by my daughters and son, we decided to start Puramun. At the same time I was offered to be part of Salentein, a pioneer winery in the Uco Valley, an area with which I am hopelessly in love and which I consider to be the best place to produce wines in Argentina. Also meeting Myndert Pon (Salentein founder), an admirable man with a strong personality, tenacious and visionary, convinced me to join that team of which I am proud.

    This is how with 45 vintages behind me I invite you to discover Puramun, our tribute to Argentine wine, the Uco Valley, and wines as we love. The wines of Pepe Galante.

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