This is a real Torrontés with wonderful tropical sweetness and richness. It has floral, and sweet tropical fruit aromas.


It shows plenty of dried-lemon, grapefruit, and apple character. Layered and delicious. Crisp & Balanced finish.

Growing Conditions

Grown at 5,890 feet elevation, where extreme thermal amplitudes produce grapes bursting with flavor. Piattelli Torrontés is an elegant rendition of this varietal showcasing the freshness and floral qualities this wine is known for, moderated lightly with oak.


.Crushed gently in our gravity-flow winery and fermented at 55.4°F, the juice was kept free from harsh flavors throughout the winemaking process.


20% aged 2 months French Oak barrel aged.


A refreshing, fragrant wine, the color of yellow topaz.

Food Pairing

Delicious paired with spicy foods.