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A brief history

"Cafayate the Beautiful”, as the locals reference it, is deserving of the name. The Valley has been blessed by its natural landscape and is revered as one of the best regions for growing grapes in the world due to its climate. Our winery has been producing outstanding wines relying on the exceptional landscape of this Northern Province, which is also the highest wine-making region in the world.

At Piattelli, we are passionately committed to making the most authentic wine from the region in which the grapes originate, with minimal interference in the process. We let the grapes speak for themselves. The new labels and wines were created out of a deep respect and affection for the Cafayate region, and the wine showcases the untamed Valle Calchaquíes, where the Andes snow-cap water, free-draining sandy soils and high altitudes give birth to our grapes. The winemakers at Piattelli have demonstrated their outstanding viticultural practices in the undoubtable quality of these excellent wines.
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Established in 2013

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