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A brief history

In 2005, with the vision of becoming a premium winery for signature wines, a team of agronomists and oenologists began working in a vineyard called Finca La Mascota, in Cruz de Piedra, one of the oldest wine regions in the province of Mendoza.
Before long, a careful selection of vineyards was made in the Valle de Uco, an area internationally recognized for its prestige and excellence, also located in Mendoza, Argentina.
Located at the foot of the Andes Mountains, close to the Mendoza (Cruz de Piedra) and Tunuyán (Valle de Uco) rivers, the vines cover around 100 hectares. They are periodically influenced by the cool breezes coming from the mountains and the river, factors that generate a great thermal amplitude between day and night.
Mascota Vineyards contains a particular mystique: it reveals the work of an author in its wines. Each of them is thought and conceived by the same oenologist, personally committed to the design and supervision of all the processes that extend from the cultivation of the vine to the final proposal of the wine.

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Established in 2005

Nueva Mayorga S/N

Meet The Team

  • Rodolfo Sadler

    Rodolfo Sadler, better known as Opi, is the one who conceives each of the creations.

    He is one of the most internationally recognized winemakers in Argentina. He has 40 years of experience in the Argentine wine industry and, in turn, worked in the United States, France and Chile.

    He belongs to a third generation of wine producers, since his father and grandfather were also dedicated to that. For this reason, Opi has been passionate about wine since childhood. He watched as his grandfather made wines and kept the most precious in a cellar in the basement of his house.

    The most vivid memory that Opi has of those times is the sensation that entering the cellar generated in him.

    For him it was an adventure, something exciting and full of adrenaline, but also familiar, where he felt safe and at peace.

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