There is a very intense pressed violet character and blueberry essence.


A dense, serious, characterful Malbec. Full-bodied and grainy in terms of tannin texture and well-defined by the driven acidity. Rich, dense and inky.

Growing Conditions

High altitude vineyards at 3500 ft. Cool nights and a wide thermal amplitude. In fact, temperature decreases approximately 1°C for every 100m increase in height. Plant respiration at night is a key physiological process that is highly influenced by temperature. Cool temperatures in high altitude regions allow for lower respiration rates, which enhances the concentration of malic acid in the berries. Therefore, wines sourced from high altitude regions offer higher acid levels. Cooler temperatures also allow berries to maintain other quality such as anthocyanins and aromatics compounds typical of each variety.
Rocky soils with dense, calcareous sediments. Mineral aromatics and optimal acidity.


14 months in 30% new barrels and 70% second-use French barrels


Intense red color with deep purple tones.