On the nose there are herbal aromas and notes of citrus fruits, at the end a slight minty with a fresh aftertaste


In the mouth we feel minerality and roundness, with balanced and enveloping acidity.

Growing Conditions

Altitude: 1000 masl Density planting: 7200 plants per hectare Production: 1 plant per bottle Todo pasa a Manejo del viñedo. Espaldero. Vineyard management: conducted on a high trellis planted on stony loamy soil with drip irrigation.


First week of February 2021


First fortnight of August 2021


Harvest method: Manual Maceration: A short maceration of 40% is carried out with the skin at a temperature of 5 ° C. Warehouse Reception: It is received in 18 kg boxes. Pressing: It is done after the previous 5-hour maceration, working with gentle pressure. Alcoholic fermentation: In cement eggs, with indigenous yeasts working for 20 days with low temperatures between 15/16 ºC, thus freshness and aromas are preserved. Malolactic Fermentation: It is carried out in cement eggs for 16 days with conditioned temperatures.


3 months on lees


Subtle salmon color

Food Pairing

It can be accompanied by a wide variety of dishes.