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A brief history

It is the result of the Agrelo Specialists. Terroir that produces wine with minimum intervention and varietals 100% of unique vineyard.
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Established in 2004

Roque Sáenz Peña 8450
Mendoza, Argentina


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Lamadrid Estate Wines Lamadrid Reserva - Malbec Bottle Preview
Lamadrid Estate WinesLamadrid Reserva - Malbec

It is grown in vineyards over 58 years old, located in Agrelo from La Suiza farm, with stony loam soils. Presents deep violet colors in view.

Lamadrid Estate Wines Los Bocheros - Malbec Bottle Preview
Lamadrid Estate WinesLos Bocheros - Malbec

Its vineyards from Agrelo, more than 20 years old. A Malbec that achieves the typical expression of Mendoza.

Lamadrid Estate Wines Matilde Bottle Preview
Lamadrid Estate WinesMatilde

Its vineyards located in La Matilde farm, Agrelo, more than 70 years old. A wine of excellent concentration and balance, with low yields. Its grapes ferment in French oak barrels for 30 days with the vineyard's own yeasts that reflect the expression of the terroir, then aged for 24 months in first-use barrels.

Lamadrid Estate Wines Lamadrid Gran Reserva Malbec Bottle Preview
Lamadrid Estate WinesLamadrid Gran Reserva Malbec

Its vineyards located in Agrelo, La Matilde farm. Its grapes ferment for 23 days in concrete eggs with the vineyard's own yeasts, finishing their aging process in first and second use barrels for 18 months.

Lamadrid Estate Wines Los Bocheros - Blanc de Blancs Bottle Preview
Lamadrid Estate WinesLos Bocheros - Blanc de Blancs

From vineyards in Valle de Uco and Agrelo; composed of Chardonnay its delicacy and Sauvignon Blanc, its aromatic power; both ferment with the skin, thus obtaining fresh aromas where its citrus and tropical notes stand out.

Lamadrid Estate Wines ZunZun Naranjo Bottle Preview
Lamadrid Estate WinesZunZun Naranjo

From its vineyards in Medrano- Rivadavia. It is made as a red wine, where the must ferments with the skin, the result of the subtle amber color is obtained during the maceration with the skin.