Floral with mineral notes.


Elegant, bold and with a medium to long finish in mouth. Aging in oak becomes unnoticed and perfectly balanced.

Growing Conditions

High vine training. Drip irrigation. Guyot pruning.




Cold maceration for 3 days. Fermentation with indigenous yeasts. During the first part of this stage daily reassembling and delestages are performed, then only reassembling. The total maceration time is 20 to 25 days at a maximum temperature of 30 ° -31 °. The end of maceration is determined by tasting.


Between 16 to 18 months in a 4.000 French oak vat and another 12 months in the bottle.


Intense red with violet reflections.

Food Pairing

Wonderful with grilled red meats, strong cheeses and pasta dishes with white sauces, tomato or trufles. It is also ideal to pair with stews, game dishes or vegetables, such as stuffed potatoes, baked pumpkins or peppers.