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A brief history

Finca SOPHENIA is a winery recognized as one of the highest quality wine producers in Argentina. To achieve this goal, Roberto Luka, its founder and conductor, chose Gualtallary, Tupungato, Mendoza, one of the most prestigious regions to produce high quality wines.
The result was absolutely gratifying and the wines have already been praised by critics from Europe, America and Asia.
The wines started to sell worldwide in 2004 and succeeded to reach more than 25 countries.

Roberto Luka, inspirer of Finca SOPHENIA, holds a recognized background in the wine world. He was Managing Director of one of the main wine exporter companies of his country and President of Wines of Argentina.
In 1997, he founded Finca SOPHENIA naming it this way after the names of his partner´s daughter, Sophia and his own daughter, Eugenia.
The winemaking team is young, dynamic and ambitious. It is led by Ing. Julia Halupczok and the winemaker Matías Michelini. Next generation: Eugenia Luka, inspirer of the name, is already part of a new generation of entrepreneurs in the wine industry.

“We are privileged to be pioneers in the cultivation of these lands, giving life to the terroir from which our wines arise”
Gualtallary is a district that is located in the department of Tupungato in the Uco Valley, Mendoza.
Tupungato has an ideal microclimate for the slow ripening of the grapes, with a thermal amplitude that allows to reach a great concentration of aromas and flavors.
In turn, the small terroir of Gualtallary gives its wines one of the most unique profiles of Argentina distinguishing them as some of the most fresh and mineral in the country. The combination of height, cold weather and sandy and stony soils results in an ideal natural acidity that gives intense and elegant wines that stand out for their good structure and unique tannic texture.

Finca SOPHENIA' s vineyards were planted over 130 hectares of the best virgin soil of this part of the world. This is a sandy and rocky soil with excellent natural drainage. The vineyards were implanted with selected French clones, which were grafted onto an American rootstocks, and of the following varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.
An area of the vineyard has been reserved for the Malbec plants raised in Mendoza: low-productivity clones that were chosen for their aromatic properties, and whose stalks come from the most representative vineyards of this unique region, where the Malbec finds its clearest expression.

The Sustainability certification reaffirms our commitment generate the least possible impact on society, being economically viable, and taking care of the environment. 20 years ago, we planted 130 hectares in a totally virgin land and we intend that in the next tens of years our work will continue to develop without compromising the environment and favoring the development of the community in which we planted roots.
We are a Terroir winery and we must do everything in our power so that our intervention in this native ecosystem affects the environment as little as possible, and that our actions in the present do not compromise the possibilities of future generations.

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Established in 2002

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