Notes of fresh plum jam, black cassis and blackberries are expressed, giving the character of a typical high-altitude varietal. A background aromas of chocolate and toast make it attractive.


Medium intensity, very sweet and juicy tannins. Very harmonious and balanced, with a balanced acidity they make it pleasant, easy to drink, with good flow rates, prolonging its flavor in the mouth for a long time.

Growing Conditions

Manual harvest in boxes of 20kg. with selection of clusters on the plant.


February 2017


3 to 4 months


Cover in open vats for fermentation. Cold pre-fermentation maceration at less than 10° C for 24 hours. Fermentation at a controlled temperature of 23 ° to 25 ° C with a final of 29 ° C the last two days. Total maceration of 15 days, including pre and post-fermentation. Spontaneous malolactic fermentation in tank.


No oak contact


Dressed in intense burgundy red, with slight violet hues and a black cup center.