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Finca La Manda

4 Wines from 2 Grape Varieties

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Finca La Manda Manda Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Preview
Finca La MandaManda Sauvignon Blanc

Elegant and expressive Sauvignon Blanc, very unique and different from others Argentine regions.

Finca La Manda Finca La Manda Bottle Preview
Finca La MandaFinca La Manda

High altitude wines from Molinos, Salta.

Finca La Manda LuQana Malbec Bottle Preview
Finca La MandaLuQana Malbec

Young and fruity high altitude Malbec

Finca La Manda Manda Malbec Bottle Preview
Finca La MandaManda Malbec

High altitude Malbec. Intense of very good concentration with explosion in the mouth. The well-present tannins are well marked in the mouth but pleasant with a sweet taste, with a balanced acidity, giving a round, harmonious finish with a long aftertaste, characteristic of high altitude wines.